Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Tuesday, February 13 at 5:30pm in the parish hall

The men are invited to cook and serve. Please contact Susan Newcomb if you want to help out. We’ll need griddles to expedite the evening. Vestry will adjourn to the Library at 6:30pm for our monthly meeting. We’ve invited Coventry Cross Minden to join us.

The Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday Services, February 14

10am at St. Peter’s

Imposition of Ashes, the Penitential Litany & Eucharist
“Ashes to Go” – time/location TBD
6pm Ecumenical service at First United Methodist
(next door at 212 N. Division St)

Sunday, February 18 – 11:45am to 1:15 pm
Lenten Lunch Series, thru Sunday March 18

Bring soup or salad or bread to share. This year we’re looking at spiritual and mystical experiences through the Scriptures, with Pam Ertel leading Godly Play & Hallie Murphy leading Theological Reflection.

Holy Conversations – Sunday Feb 4

Sunday, February 4, 12:30-1pm in the parish hall

From The Bishop Search Committee:
“Holy Conversations are a time of conversation and deep listening in congregational community. We want to learn about parishioners experiences of church and worship in the Diocese of Nevada. And most importantly their successes, joys and miracles as a ministering community. The Holy Conversations are designed to explore their hopes, dreams and visions for the future of our diocese. The purpose – to define the attributes, skill set and profile for the next Bishop of Nevada.”

Other December Events

Friday, December 22 at 5:30 pm
A Vigil of Light – Blue Christmas Prayer Service
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Community
3000 N Lompa Ln, Carson City, NV 89706

Sunday, December 31 at 5pm
New Year’s Eve Vigil Service
Coventry Cross Episcopal Church
1631 Esmeralda Pl, Minden, NV 89423

Join us this Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 24
One morning service at 8am

Christmas Eve Services:
5:30pm Children’s Service
8pm Carols, Candles, & Communion
10pm Carols, Candles, & Communion

Monday, December 25
10am Morning Prayer Service

If you wish to submit Christmas Flower Memorial donations, please do so by Monday, December 18.

Please join us for these festive services!

Wrap-up your holiday shopping at and Amazon donates to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Christmas Basket Assembly – Saturday Dec 16 at 11am at F.I.S.H.

Meet at F.I.S.H., 138 E. Long St in Carson City at 11am

Bishop’s Visitation – Sunday, December 10 at 8am & 10am services

We will be welcoming The Rt Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori, former Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church and former Bishop of Nevada!

Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in June 2006. She serves as chief pastor and primate to the Episcopal Church’s members in 17 countries, 109 dioceses and three regional areas. She has been vocal about the Episcopal Church’s mission priorities, including the United Nation Millennium Development Goals, issues of domestic poverty, climate change and care for the earth, as well as the ongoing need to contextualize the gospel. –

Santa Lucia Advent Celebration – Sunday December 10 at 4-6pm

Photo by Christy Ramsey

A version of Advent Lessons & Carols geared toward the remembrance of St Lucy, the female counterpart of St Nicholas.

We will have fun activities for kids & adults alike.

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Restoring St. Paul’s

Virginia City, Nevada was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. As a contributing property, the building of St. Paul the Prospector has been recognized as possessing historical significance and architectural qualities that are vital to the district’s  national importance.

Within these historic walls, the Western  Missionary Museum will install a multi-cultural reconstruction of the contribution made by people of faith,  who came west, braving the rugged terrains and extremes of weather, to make a new life for their families. We will demonstrate their role in making this godforsaken mining outpost into the bustling metropolis that it became. But after  140  years in the extreme weather of the Mountain West, this important building is at risk of being lost. To ensure the nation does not lose this jewel in the mountains, we will restore the building and ensure its preservation for future generations.


RESTORING A HISTORIC BUILDING IS A LABOR OF LOVE AND FAITH, which requires a considerable sum of money if it is to be done properly. Our foundations are strong and secure, but the building itself needs extensive restoration,n. Wooden walls exposed to almost a century and a half of sun, snow and wind are dried out, rotted away, and warped. They can barely support the window sets, which are at risk of falling (and sometimes do in high winds!). Roof beams are unstable, putting walls at risk. Heat and electrical systems are archaic and might set the tinder-dry building aflame. We must act now or lose this historic and beautiful building forever.

The budget for this project is $2.2 million. This sum will restore the entire building, install the museum, tearoom and gift shop, and establish a maintenance fund to avoid future deterioration.

In the spirit of diocesan unity and love for our mother church, we are asking every Episcopal congregation in the Diocese of Nevada to join us in supporting this important project to restore St. Pa ul’s, the first parish in our state. Your financial contribution whatever your parish can afford will demonstrate that the entire diocese is united in support of preserving  St. Paul’s, for future generations, and will strengthen our requests to larger funders.


We cannot delay. One more winter might be too late for St. Paul’s.
Please contact us TODAY using your preferred  method:

Kate High, Project Co-Manager

Or send your gift to:

The Western Missionary Museum
9480 S Eastern  Ave  # 236
Las Vegas, NV 89123